About Us

Cxihub was founded in December 2018 by three young entrepreneurs who want to help bring cryptocurrency from the realm of speculation and investment into everyday life.

The platform offers its users an all-inclusive service that covers every aspect related to or ancillary to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.


Our Mission

Cxihub is on a mission to revolutionize the financial landscape by eliminating the need for trust.

Open financial systems will help empower the world by allowing for greater & fairer access to finance. The current system of closed, centralized financial institutions is a relic from an era where commerce was done in person and transactions had to be recorded through paper records. These old-fashioned methods limit our potential as humans when it comes to accessing resources that would allow us all freedom of economic opportunity!

The Cxihub team strives for excellence in service, innovation, professionalism, honesty, ethical behavior, transparency, and accountability. Our team members work hard towards the realization of our mission.

Meet Our team


Abhishek Bourai

Founder - Chief Executive Officer

Abhishek has been hooked on the crypto industry for a long time. He started when he was just seventeen, and since then, it's become something of an obsession!


Rohit Hazra

Chief Technology Officer.

Rohit has been a geek since he was young and took his love for technology into adulthood. After working at fortune 500 companies, Rohit's luck of the draw landed him on an exciting journey at cxihub, were armed only with knowledge and enthusiasm, he slays dragons full stack!


Harsh Nigam

Chief Product Officer.

Harsh has always been someone with an eye for detail. He leads our Product Management teams in building great products that deliver sustainable value to our business. From the early stages of developing a new product concept to beyond product launch, Harsh balances the needs and goals of both the product and the business.